Puttur Kattu:

In contrast to traditional medical practices, Puttur Kattu treatment involves no anesthetic. The Vaidyas twist, pull and poke body parts while the patients protest in order to identify the fracture despite their pain. A piece of gauze dipped in a medicinal herb paste is then tied around the dislocation. A bandage is tied around a piece of bamboo stick that has been injured to immobilize it. Patients are then instructed to apply sesame oil to the bandage every day and visit the clinic after 15 days. During this second visit, the same medicinal herb is applied, but it is mixed with egg white and turmeric this time. A month later, the patient will be able to remove the bandage on their own. There is no doubt that this practice is capable of healing fractures in any part of the body, including those of the backbone, skull, patella, ribs, clavicle, and nose.

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